Saturday, 28 February 2015

Today is the big vote day!!! Get out and vote at Bow Cliff Senior at 608 Poplar Rd SW between 10am and 4pm

Remember to bring your valid PC membership, 2 pieces of ID and vote Christine Cusanelli.

If you need assistance to the polls, call campaign manger Robyn Moser at 403-818-3907

Thank you for all your support. Remember every vote counts.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Nomination Trail

Christine on the Nomination Trail...

I often get asked "what made you get into politics?"  

The answer is simple-I am a public servant.  I believe that I can make my province a better place in my role as a servant leader.

The answer is also complex-I want to advocate for children and for their families, for women, for our quality of life, for justice, for the prosperity of our province...

My work over the course of this term allowed me to do all those things but, the most significant reward of public service is sharing the voice of Currie-Constituents at the Caucus table.  I truly enjoy listening to various points of view on the issues that we face in Government.  The responsibility of translating the resulting message of the public is one that I am very passionate about.  
I draw every day on my skills as a former Principal and also my background in Counselling Psychology to listen actively, to question with intent to clarify, to analyse, synthesise and then, communicate effectively.  I am grateful for the challenging moments I faced in those roles where working with parents, children, staff and my experience working in the field of psychology in our prison system with mentors who have shaped my perceptions and knowledge of how to serve the public.

When I began political office, I was so eager to figure out how this giant provincial machine worked!  I wanted to know how to make things happen.  It was a bit like figuring out which button to push, what lever to activate, what would occur if that string was pulled.  I impatiently set about defining both myself as a public servant and my constituency within the Legislature.

As I undertake this nomination in 2015, I look back in hindsight at my "Fresh Face for Calgary-Currie" Blogs still posted here with some fondness.  At that time, Currie needed a fresh look at it's issues and I believe I was able to do just that.  Today I feel like a part of the fabric that makes up this community and I understand what makes it function.  The mechanics are less of a mystery and, I welcome the opportunity to complete the projects I've begun and find more projects to take on.

I am honoured to be your voice. I thank you as I start along this nomination trail for your willingness as Currie Constituents to work together in a partnerships that build community and a high quality life for all.  

Saturday, 31 January 2015

What has Christine done?

Roles in Government

·      MLA Calgary-Currie

-Community Advocacy:

Advocated for funding to Shalem Manor a supportive living community for seniors
Advocated for extended lease of provincial lands to various organizations serving person’s with disabilities and mental health issues
Advocated for increase in funding for employees in the field of assisted care to person’s with disabilities
Advocated for school infrastructure projects ie:  Calgary Arts Academy and Westgate Elementary
Advocated for funding of local women’s shelter to assist in the creation of a child therapy clinic for children suffering trauma
Lobbied Government ministries for the shift in funding towards secondary housing for women fleeing domestic violence, for the commitment to building school infrastructure, the support of those living in poverty who require transition in housing, seniors housing, community hub development
Facilitated various open house discussions on issues related to Currie, namely educational, community safety, health and budget
Host regular coffee and chats to consult with and learn about specific community concerns
Conduct in person door-to-door short surveys to gain an understanding of community interests
Attended community association events regularly as a volunteer
Encourage and advocate for funding through grant applications that focus on specific enhancements to community infrastructure and programs
Speaking engagement within Government and at schools to students studying Government
Advocate for constituents by linking them to resources and services through our constituency office

-Private Member Bills:

Bill 206 Tobacco Reduction (Flavored Tobacco Products) Amendment Act
Bill 205 Police (Victims of Sexual Violence) Amendment Act

Member of Treasury Board
Member of the Standing Committee on Families and Communities
Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Private Bills
Member of Review Panel for consultation on the Education Act
Member of Review Panel for the development and consultation of the Education Act Regulations
Member of Results Based Budgeting Committee on Education (Cycle 2)
Chair of Results Based Budgeting Committee on Education (Cycle 3)

·      Minister of Tourism Parks and Recreation


Ministerial Group on Resource Stewardship and Development 
Ministerial Group on Communities and Families
Operations and Policy Cabinet Committee

-Stakeholder Support:

-Supported and secured provincial funding for the completion of the Legacy Trail pathway into Canmore

-Initiated the establishment of a MOU for Regional Tourism Partnerships

-Lobbied for additional Asian airline routes in Alberta

-Monitored the environmental impacts of land use and development applications that could have averse effects on the natural habitats and wildlife in Alberta

-Secured agreement to host DERTOUR Academy in the city of Calgary resulting in over $5million ROI for Alberta’s tourism industry

-Supported and secured funding for the Tour of Alberta Cycling Tour that has become an annual event in Alberta

-Supported the agreement for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 and necessary funding to accommodate athletes for the upcoming World Cup in Edmonton

-Supported and promoted the Alberta Government’s interest in hosting the ITU World Triathlon Grand Series in Edmonton 2014

-Supported and secured funding for 2012 FIS Cross-Country World Cup in Canmore

-Lobbied for the creation of a user pay trail system for ATV riders and land reclamation projects for soft use trail recreation

-Assigned research and review of Aboriginal Tourism Study to the Ministry of Tourism Parks and Recreation

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Announcement of Nomination 2015: A Letter To My Supporters

Announcing Nomination 2015

The time is here! Calgary-Currie nomination is set to open. I'm contacting you to announce my intention to seek my seat again.

I want to thank my constituents who have interacted with me over the last few years and shared your stories.

As a first term MLA, it has been such an honor to be invited into your lives and, while I always seek to leave you each with the feeling that I care deeply about your families and their happiness, I can tell you that it is often me who feels how much you care for our community. I have also felt your appreciation of our work together and, it is truly a pleasure serving you.

I look forward to connecting with you and showing you that I'm a REAL person who offers REAL leadership.

I will work actively and sincerely for your endorsement to continue on as your MLA.

Follow me on Facebook:  christinecusanelli MLA
Follow me on Twitter: @cc4currie

In service,


Saturday, 3 March 2012

St. Michael School: My community and why I am dedicated to public service.

Monday will be the first day of my leave of absence to pursue political office.  I have mixed feelings about the possibility of leaving my job as the principal of the well established community of St. Michael School.  Nontheless, I know I am doing the right thing for our community and our constituency. 

Principal Cusanelli and Vice Principal Osborne getting ready for annual food drive

St. Michael students, their parents and even grandparents have become family to us as a staff.  This community embodies committment to public service in every way.  We have worked hard to implement two world class programmes together:  An International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme.  Over the last 5 years, we have developed a sense of interdependance that can only lead to great things.  We have improved our Government Satisfaction Surveys nearly 30% and our Provincial Achievement Test results continue to climb as well.  We have fostered an environment where not only are children happy and trusting, they are confident to question and learn.  They are confident to make mistakes and learn which to me is the greatest gift.  We all learn from things that haven't worked and this is at the base of all inquiry and of course, learning together and from one another.  Our world, more than ever, requires this of all of us.  As we have more access to communicate globally, we have more responsibility to find answers in the company of others locally and around the world.

In becoming an MLA, I look forward to the opportunity to be able to foster this same atmosphere within the consituency of Calgary-Currie.  I want to raise the expectation of participation and challenge our constitents to question and learn with me.  I want to use knowledge from past mistakes and create an honest but caring constituency that is dedicated to public service.  I am ready to take the lead, roll up my sleeves and take these steps forward.  I will need your help to do this. 

I need your support if you are new to the political arena because I believe your voice can be heard. 

I need your support if you have been actively involved in our constituency-you are our history and by proxy, an important part of our future.

We have 4 goals over the course of time between now and election day.  How can you help?

  • Garner our PC support and take an active part in VOTING for Christine Cusanelli to bring Calgary Currie back to it's PC bedrock.
  • Advertise your committment to our party by PLACING SIGNS ON YOUR PROPERTY AND FINDING LOCATIONS in our constituency to declare that orange and blue is the true future voice of Currie in the Legislature.
  • VOLUNTEERING on the C4 team:  Build relationships, be a part of something special.
  • Make a FINANCIAL DONATION to the campaign right here on this blog site.  See the paypal button on the main page.  It's safe and simple!
Welcome to the campaign trail everyone! 


Monday, 20 February 2012

Happy Family Day!
In my life there is nothing more important than family, friends and community.
These are the building blocks of our society, and when we work at strengthening these bonds, we are actively building a better World.
It can be as simple as shovelling your neighbour's walk, or holding the door open for someone, or by starting the morning by making  a mango-banana smoothie for someone you love - my daughter's favourite thing!
As a School Principal, I have dedicated my professional life to creating advantages and brightening the future for the children of Calgary-Currie.
It goes beyond the children, though, and into the broader community.
I have always encouraged parents to get involved with the school, to actively participate, to ask questions, to make their ideas and opinions known.
This approach has helped our school improve its satisfaction survey rates among students, parents and teachers into the 90-plus per cent range, from the 60s four years ago when I first started.
This success is because of teamwork -  parents, teachers and students working together to make St. Michael a success.
I intend to bring that same approach to Calgary-Currie.
As the Progressive Conservative candidate for Calgary-Currie, I will reach out to all members of the community.
I am your  advocate, your conduit to the Alberta Legislature.
I will take the opinions and beliefs held by Calgary-Currie residents straight into government are aware of what you think and and what your priorities are.
To be able to do that,  I need your support.
There will be an election in April, and after eight years it's time to return Calgary-Currie to the PC Government fold.
If you want to become a part of our campaign, please contact me at
We have room for everybody, in our inclusive and welcoming C4 team (Christine Cusanelli for Calgary-Currie - C4).
If you have a question, or comment, please let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you, and working together to give Calgary-Currie meaningful representation.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Even now, I can still feel the excitement of last Saturday. I want to thank all of you for making it possible. It meant so much to me to see all of your smiles and to know all of the hard work we had done together leading up to the nomination vote. The support I received from your friends and neighbours is as much your success as it was mine and a sign of the respect they have for you. I am counting on your continued support in the upcoming provincial general election, so expect a call!

Thank you all again, and let’s keep moving towards bringing Calgary-Currie back to its PC home!