Christine on Education

Christine on K-12 Education...

With nearly 20 years as an educator, Christine understands the importance of promoting learning for the 21st Century.

She has said to her school community “The children in our classrooms are preparing for a market that is unknown to us. We are preparing them for jobs that do not even exist. The most important thing is that our children experience a sense of belonging within our schools, and this means we offer engaging instruction and we teach our children how to find the answers rather than give them the answers.”

Christine believes that students must learn to be responsible Global Citizens, recognizing the impact they have as citizens of Calgary, citizens of Alberta, and the World.

The Provincial Government should continue to seek out and engage in the latest educational practices and research.

We should lead the world in equipping our schools with the best teachers and best practices in education.  This includes being a strong advocate in ensuring our Government has a solution to the growing population.  Simply put, our children deserve a quality education in quality environments.

Government also needs to provide school districts with stable and predictable funding so they can effectively manage resources with these goals in mind while respecting the autonomy of school Districts.

Christine on Advanced Education...

Post-secondary education is critically important to Alberta’s place within Canada and the World.

The knowledge-based economy means advanced education is not a nice-to-have, but an absolute essential to being cutting edge.

World class Advanced Education is a vital aspect of economic growth in our province.

We deserve the best physicians, the best teachers, the best engineers. In turn, these professionals will build and improve our province’s public services. They will contribute to research that is innovative and contributes to economic growth. They will develop solutions to complex problems the will benefit the entire World.

The provincial government is committed to post-secondary education, and appropriate levels of funding will ensure we have the most advanced facilities and highest caliber of education available to all.

Alberta also needs to promote the important trade sector to support the burgeoning need for skilled labour in the Energy and other sectors.

An emphasis on the importance of trades in Alberta will also appeal to residents from outside the province, who will come to view Alberta as their home, and raise generations of Albertans to come.

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