Christine on Fiscal Responsibility

Christine on Fiscal Responsibility...

Albertans expect their government to be good fiscal stewards.

As with any household, no government can spend more than it brings in on any medium- or long-term basis.

Our province is rich in natural resources and natural beauty, and attracts admiration from around the World.

With natural resources, fiscal responsibility requires a balance between creating the right environment for economic growth, and ensuring Albertans receive the appropriate benefit as owners of these resources.

Through planning, the provincial government can improve outcomes, and assist the public sector to be accountable for spending decisions they make.

Long-term, predictable funding is key to the successful operation of our public services.

It is the responsibility of our provincial government to consult with stakeholders and the public throughout the budget decision-making process.

"We have a vested interest in designing the future of Alberta-it's about our children's outcome”

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