Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Nomination Trail

Christine on the Nomination Trail...

I often get asked "what made you get into politics?"  

The answer is simple-I am a public servant.  I believe that I can make my province a better place in my role as a servant leader.

The answer is also complex-I want to advocate for children and for their families, for women, for our quality of life, for justice, for the prosperity of our province...

My work over the course of this term allowed me to do all those things but, the most significant reward of public service is sharing the voice of Currie-Constituents at the Caucus table.  I truly enjoy listening to various points of view on the issues that we face in Government.  The responsibility of translating the resulting message of the public is one that I am very passionate about.  
I draw every day on my skills as a former Principal and also my background in Counselling Psychology to listen actively, to question with intent to clarify, to analyse, synthesise and then, communicate effectively.  I am grateful for the challenging moments I faced in those roles where working with parents, children, staff and my experience working in the field of psychology in our prison system with mentors who have shaped my perceptions and knowledge of how to serve the public.

When I began political office, I was so eager to figure out how this giant provincial machine worked!  I wanted to know how to make things happen.  It was a bit like figuring out which button to push, what lever to activate, what would occur if that string was pulled.  I impatiently set about defining both myself as a public servant and my constituency within the Legislature.

As I undertake this nomination in 2015, I look back in hindsight at my "Fresh Face for Calgary-Currie" Blogs still posted here with some fondness.  At that time, Currie needed a fresh look at it's issues and I believe I was able to do just that.  Today I feel like a part of the fabric that makes up this community and I understand what makes it function.  The mechanics are less of a mystery and, I welcome the opportunity to complete the projects I've begun and find more projects to take on.

I am honoured to be your voice. I thank you as I start along this nomination trail for your willingness as Currie Constituents to work together in a partnerships that build community and a high quality life for all.